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New Devices Unpacked, New Cases Uncovered

A new device has been launched by leading handset providers Samsung, who recently unpacked their ground-breaking Galaxy S20 Series. The new range of devices comes with state-of-the-art technology that facilitates a number of tasks in our daily lives. The price of such technology means it is even more relevant now to protect these handheld revelations...
on February 13, 2020
Happy New Year: 2020 Insights

Happy New Year: 2020 Insights

It’s a new year and this year marks a new decade, not only for the world, but also for Uunique following our 10thBirthday celebration at the end of last year. The past decade has been full of accomplishments that we are proud of and we are looking forward to those to come. However, our decision...
on January 08, 2020
Celebrating 10 Years of Uunique London

Celebrating 10 Years of Uunique London

What a pleasant surprise that Uunique has reached a milestone of 10 years! Time has flown by this past decade, over what has been quite a fascinating and educational journey. Uunique was created with the ambition and passion for fashion, and over the years we’ve prevailed in every direction. From pure fashion, to protective and...
on December 09, 2019
<strong>Partners for Change</strong>

Partners for Change

    Plastic waste is a global problem, and therefore it is my aim to bring our plastic-free mobile phone accessories solution to as many countries as possible. This has led to me to share our 100% biodegradable phone cases to partners across seas, oceans, and borders that harbour the same passion for a more...
on November 06, 2019
<strong>This Is A Change That Began On An Individual Level</strong>

This Is A Change That Began On An Individual Level

  The cause to help protect our planet is one that has become one that is very personal to me. Sustainability is the most important aspect for every human on the planet today. The urgency to act towards this cannot be greater. If we do not move towards a sustainable future, then there is no...
on October 09, 2019


Our Mission Statement
Uunique’s ambition is to pave the future for mobile accessories. Leaders in creating quality, fashion forward sustainable phone accessories protecting our planet.


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