Celebrating 10 Years of Uunique London

by UU Marketing on December 09, 2019

What a pleasant surprise that Uunique has reached a milestone of 10 years! Time has flown by this past decade, over what has been quite a fascinating and educational journey. Uunique was created with the ambition and passion for fashion, and over the years we’ve prevailed in every direction. From pure fashion, to protective and functional fashion, to our most recent and perhaps most significant endeavour; fashion goes eco.

Over the last 10 years, Uunique has done things that are out-of-the-box. In 2012, we launched the world’s most expensive iPhone case. We were also featured in Harrods, a landmark institution that is at the heart of Uunique’s home city of London. The diversity of this great city has inspired us to move across countries and continents with Uunique establishing itself in Japan, Canada, the UAE, Norway and many more. It just goes to show that fashion is global language that can unite people in magnificent ways.


It’s exciting to know that our 10-year celebration also commemorates the first steps we’ve taken towards a more sustainable future with our eco Nutrisiti cases. Our pledge to go fully green is a pact that is very important to us, and a cause I personally hold very close to me. Our first eco-fashion cases are a true sign that one does not have to compromise on taste to enjoy a more eco-friendly product. We are looking forward to what more we can offer the industry to push it in the best possible direction for the future of our planet.

These 10 years have been an experience I am most grateful for and can’t look to the future without firstly thanking our loyal customers, as well as all our new customers that have come to love and enjoy our products. I’d also like to give thanks to the Aegis team that have been a pivotal point in the success of Uunique over these 10 years. Lastly, a very Happy 10th Birthday to Uunique! I look forward to the years ahead of us.


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