Partners for Change

by UU Marketing on November 06, 2019



Plastic waste is a global problem, and therefore it is my aim to bring our plastic-free mobile phone accessories solution to as many countries as possible. This has led to me to share our 100% biodegradable phone cases to partners across seas, oceans, and borders that harbour the same passion for a more sustainable future. Speaking to my partners served as a form of endorsement for me to know that this mission is a crucial one, and its significance is undeniable.

Bob Cain is an overseas partner shares the same drive I have to create more sustainable solutions in business. His own passion for the planet comes from always having enjoyed outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking and swimming. He says, “immersing myself in nature has always provided me with a sense of oneness with the world around me.” However, it was the increased forest fires in his area that triggered his eco-consciousness and drove him to realise that “it’s important for businesses to do their part by becoming a part of the solution and not the problem.” It became clear to me that this is a global mission, and it is all our efforts to make the necessary changes that will ultimately help protect our planet.

We both share the same ideas that “businesses need to consider offering consumers eco-friendly products and services that result in a zero-waste outcome. The days of make, take and waste need to be left behind for create, use, re-use/recycle. Businesses have an important role in this model because they have the greatest opportunity to educate consumers on the front lines.”

Together with Bob, and all of Uunique’s other partners, we all hope to provide our customers with a product that doesn’t only protect their phones but helps protect the planet as well. This effort is collaborative, and it is inspiring to continue meeting people that are taking these very important steps forward for the future of our planet


Sanjay Agarwal, Chairman & CEO, Aegis Vision Ltd


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