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How My Eco Journey Began...

by Uunique Marketing on September 16, 2019


Being in business for 32+ years, we’ve made a lot of products and innovations, but it wasn’t until 2016 that we took our first steps towards sustainable products by creating the world’s first chrome-free leather. I knew there was more we could do, so I thought, ‘If we can make a chrome-free leather, why not make it metal-free as well?’. Years were spent developing it and this allowed us to make 100% biodegradable leather. I became inspired by the idea that we could make products that did not harm our planet.

 In April, I saw the climate protest in London with the ‘Tell the Truth’ movement. I remember watching a news clip with children marching, and understood that this was about their future, and how our actions impact it. This created more fuel for me to not only act on an individual level, but on a business level as well. Three months after the event, we launched our first 100% biodegradable phone case range, and following the announcement of the iPhone 11, we launched our 100% biodegradable printed and leather cases.

This cause has become infectious to me and the more people I meet to discuss it with, the more I realise it’s impact in our world today. Our mission is to pave the future for mobile accessories, and it is undeniable that our future relies on businesses that are willing to take the necessary action towards to help this cause.  


Sanjay Agarwal, Chairman & CEOAegis Vision Ltd



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