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7 Ideas How To Make Your Halloween Green

by UU Marketing on October 31, 2019


  1. When creating your scary Halloween pumpkin lanterns, don’t waste the hollowed-out flesh, reuse this to make a delicious seasonal soup!


pumpkin soup
  1. Instead of buying plastic decorations, recycle used paper & cardboard to make your spooky creations.
  1. Get sustainable and creative for this year’s costumes, reuse old clothes to make your scary outfits. “Make do & Mend”


  1. Find a local farm or farm shop that supplies pumpkins. Help reduce environmental impact, buy locally, think globally. Support your local sustainable supplier.
  1. Be prepared for all those trick-or-treaters this year, by buying candy treats that are made from organic ingredients. Find sweets that have natural colours & flavors. When buying chocolate treats, look for fair trade goodies.
  1. Avoid plastic pumpkins or novelty bags for carrying treats this year. Instead, use something you already have on hand, like a pillowcase or a canvas/Jute bag. If the kids protest, tell them, how much more sweets they can collect and carry!
  1. Instead of purchasing overpriced plastic and rubber masks, make your own face paint by combining natural ingredients like cornstarch, and natural fruit for colouring. A little creativity, will make the perfect SCARY mask!

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