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Be Seasonally Sustainable!

by UU Marketing on December 12, 2019

Try on of our Creative Ways to Decorate Green!

There are so many easy ways to replace the usual plastic baubles and metallic tinsel. Zero waste is the key-word this year, what ideas will you try?

Try to collect pine cones, they look wonderful on the Christmas tree, or attached to a long garland for draping.

We tried this wonderful way to reuse the inside of an ugly domestic toilet roll, you can create wonderful Christmas stars, which can be used on the Christmas tree or a a wall hanging.

A simple stick can be used with pine leaves to create a bohemian Christmas style hanging wall decoration.

Creating the wonderful smells of Christmas can very easy, dried Oranges, Cinnamon sticks, Star anise & bouquet garnet. When arranged in bowls not only to look good but to fill your home with seasonal fragrance.  

Old newspapers can be transformed into stunning simple origami stars, these can be used to decorate your table for the festive Christmas lunch.

Create your own snow Angel, by reusing your existing baubles. Breathe some life into them for another year. See the transformation, by applying two simple folded wings and a skirt to with a bow to enhance what you already have.



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