Check out the Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Making A Difference for the Planet!

by UU Marketing on November 09, 2019

Leonardo DiCaprio
The Titanic actor and climate activist founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. His foundation has helped raise $61 million since 1998, supporting over 65 organizations that help support various causes from wildlife conservation to climate change awareness and indigenous rights.

Mark Ruffalo
Mark may play a green Hulk, but he’s also practising green actions. The actor started a campaign to ban hydrofracking, a controversial method of natural gas extraction. Thanks to his actions, Global Green awarded Marks with an Environmental Leadership award.

Matt Damon
The star of the Bourne identity is also the co-founder of, a non-profit devoted to raising awareness about clean water globally and funding water sanitizing programs. Funded by grants, it helps partner with local organisations and helps find water cleaning technology so people in developing countries can have access to clean water.

Pierce Brosnan
The former James Bond 007, was inducted into the Environmental Hall of Fame for campaigning against illegal whale hunting and wetland protection. He was also named Best-Dressed Environmentalist by the Sustainable Style Foundation.

Adrien Grenier
He’s not just a pretty face, the star of Entourage has campaigned for endangered bluefin tuna, launched an eco-themed app and partnered with Uber in a mission to recycle tech waste.

Rosario Dawson
The Hollywood actress founded Studio One Eighty Nine, which uses fashion to implement social change and eco-friendly practices. She also urges her massive social media following to pay attention to environmental concerns for the food industry, including the Equitable Food Initiative, a project geared towards producing healthier fruits and vegetables.

George Clooney
George  was the first celebrity to switch in his BMW for a cleaner option, a Tango, an electric eco-friendly car. He was also part of the Oil Change campaign, to eliminate America’s dependence on foreign oil.

Brad Pitt
When Hurricane Katrina hit, Brad Pitt participated in building homes for Katrina victims. But he didn’t just built regular homes, he and Mike Holmes teamed up to Make It Right and create 150 green, energy-efficient homes.


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