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Christmas is Coming Early for Uunique!

by UU Marketing on December 18, 2019

As part of our month-long Christmas marketing campaign we are giving away a plethora of advent calendar gifts, offers and promotions.

It’s all about engagement, so we are reaching out to consumer with exciting interactive offers in the advent calendar format. Each day we reveal something amazing behind one of our 12 virtual advent doors via Instagram. There are plenty of great deals for all, covering a wide range of product categories. We have hidden so many surprises right up until Christmas Eve 24th December.

Our creative team have excelled this year, creating our festive Uunique London theme. Our 2029 Christmas campaign was photographed at iconic picturesque locations in and around our city of London. London has the ability to combine the rich traditions and heritage of Christmas with truly modern LED light decorations. Our teams aimed to capturing the wonderful classic feel of Christmas in London against a, wonderful backdrops filled with the most amazing decorations



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