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COP26 – The Story So Far

by UU Marketing on November 10, 2021

COP26 is one of the most important environmental summits of our generation. What world leaders decide over the two weeks negotiation period will determine the future of life on this planet.

While some are sceptical about what lasting actions the summit will bring, there are already some positive announcements that have been made.

Read on to find out more about the story so far at COP26…


Methane Emissions


The UK and US spearheaded a Global Methane Pledge to cut methane emissions by 30% by 2030, compared to 2020 levels. And now more than 100 UN member states have backed the pledge!

The Glasgow Breakthrough Agenda

In the first days of the summit more than 40 world leaders signed a declaration to “deliver clean and affordable technology and solutions across the globe by 2030.” This is excellent news for the global community!

This agenda will help meet the target of halving global emissions by 2030, being backed by countries representing 70% of the world’s economy. It is important that we help make meeting sustainable targets accessible and affordable for every nation.


India is the third-largest emitter of carbon emissions, despite being classed as a developing country. However, the nation is putting in place targets to reduce its carbon emissions over the coming years. Their Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has committed to decarbonise over the next 50 years!

Ending Deforestation Pledge

More than 100 countries, who between them contain 85% of global forests, have come together to agree an end to deforestation! By 2030 these nations have committed to halting deforestation and instead commit to reforestation projects. A huge win for the communities and animals who rely upon these forest areas.

UK £3bn climate aid

Over the next five years Boris Johnson has pledged £3bn to help support developing countries in the fight against climate change. The Clean Green Initiative (CGI) aims to increase private investment in climate solutions and incorporates the launch of a Climate Innovation Facility.

Clearly, COP26 is demonstrating how many nations are starting to understand the importance of climate action. I look forward to seeing what is decided in the final week of the summit!

COP26 is the 26th annual Conference of the Parties. This year it is being hosted in Glasgow, Scotland and runs between the 31st of October and 12th of November 2021.


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