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Decade Down Memory Lane!

by UU Marketing on December 02, 2019


Wow! The word alone inspires excitement. Just the mere mention of a ‘birthday’ echoes ripples of joy and spreads waves of delight. And, of course, we all get excited about our own birthday, with presents and cakes and all things nice. But how about the birthdays of others: Friends? Family? Parents? Have you ever felt excitement for them? Well, we have, today more than ever. Can you guess why? Yes, you got it! Today we are celebrating the birth of our own little baby, who arrived in this world 10 years ago on the 9th of December 2009. Oh, how the time flies! Yet we remember that day so well. It was a cold and fresh winter’s evening in the buzzing city of London. Festive lights twinkled above the streets, delighting the children, and a party atmosphere lingered in the air. It was then that we received news of our child’s arrival; ‘Unique London’ was finally here.

‘Uunique London?’ I hear you ask. ‘What a strange name for a child.’

Oh no! Don’t get us wrong, this is not a real child, but our “Brand”: stylish, popular, fashionable, protective, innovative, functional yet grounded. It has been loved by most and envied by few. Yes, envy too! We all know that there are always two sides of a coin. Haha! Even now, a decade since its birth, we still feel the same joy as when it first came into this world. And every year we celebrate, we are taken for a trip down ‘Memory Lane’.

But this time we want to share the unforgettable memories we have had with our ‘Child’!

To date, it really has had a wonderful life, and despite facing many challenges, as well as having its share of ups and downs, nothing has stopped it from growing and spreading love - sometimes in giant leaps and sometimes in steady steps.



At the tender age of 2, our ‘child’ was gifted an opportunity that most only dream about, as it met with its first celebrity: Kelly Rowland. Since then, fashion and glamour became an integral part of its life. In next two years, celebs like JLo, Kelly Rowland, Mischa Barton, Nicholas Kirkwood and Lulu Guineas have not only associated with Uunique, but some also partnered with us.

 As if that wasn’t enough of an adventure, it has also spread out its wings beyond the seven seas and continents, with some very popular and renowned Bollywood actors jumping on board too.

Many famous brands looked upon it as classic, whilst others saw it as trendy, but no one could ignore it, and all of them wanted to work with Uunique London. Not everyone got on board but few of the lucky ones were, Misha Barton, Smiley World & Lulu Guinness with many joining us along the way.

Hold on! Have we not told you about Uunique’s trip to Harrods? I’ll assume you know this prestigious, iconic shop in the heart of London; our ‘child’ was only three when this Goliath signed us up. Along with many of our beautiful designs, such as our Swarovski and classic leather models, Harrods was lucky enough to be the first to have a one-off masterpiece: “The Lotus”. This was Uunique in its most elegant, beautiful and expensive attire. It was hand crafted by globally renowned jewellers, adorned on a rose gold base with a mother of pearl white and black diamond, and valued @ £189.000 | $300,000 in 2012.  It was hard to not be captivated by this wonder, and impossible to ignore the entrancing and exceptional style. Boosted by this, Uunique travelled the world, growing its family from London to the rest of the UK, flying its way across Europe and all the way into the land of the rising sun: Japan.

From there, it continued to climb high on the ladder of success. Of course, it must go down a few steps every now and then, but that’s what life is all about: “Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.” And ‘Positivity’ is Uunique London’s motto.

 Followed by the beauty and popularity of the “Lotus”, at the age of 8, our ‘child’ acquired itself an even more expensive, rare and precious suit, one which was made to order: “The Tesori”. Like its name, it was calm yet vibrant, subtle yet loud - the epitome of beauty. You would have to be out of your mind not to admire this incredible piece. It was almost untouchable, with a velvety gold body and certified with 31.40 carat white and blue diamonds; this was truly made for the lucky ones.

Uunique was now reaching its peak, and although many challenges were still to come, with innovation, style, creation and ethics making up its DNA, it was destined to be a mighty force and never one to wilt in the face of hardship.

Recently, with some loyal friends and admirers, it had the opportunity to travel into the USA and Canada, gradually finding its feet there and slowly spreading its charm. It can be hard to entice our foreign friends, but Uunique London never gives up. Thus, it innovated and came with something new every time. It always notices the gap and takes every opportunity it sees. The latest being its eco-pledge: the “Nurtisiti Range” - 100% biodegradable product with 100% biodegradable classics leather and a trendy printed fashion. It realised that making life both pretty and easy is important, but not as important as the health of Mother Earth.

Form fashion to protection, from glamour to technical, from power to music, from style to the environment, and from little too big, Uunique has covered every aspect that can help every one of its clients and more.

Even the past 2 years have seen challenges. Many others would struggle in the face of such adversities, and yet Uunique never fails to rise above these storms and continues to sail strong. Now, with all those wonderful days behind us and such a bright future ahead, it has reached its 10th birthday in style!

A decade is always a call for a celebration, not only with its family in UK but across the globe too. We want to celebrate with our friends - old and new. Therefore, everyone who will get their hands on Uunique during the birthday week will be entered in a surprise lucky draw with the chance to win a luxury cake. But that is not all! With every purchase, you will receive a memorable gift from Uunique as well, wherever in the globe you are.

So, come join the party!!


Edited By: Simon Martin Allen





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