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by UU Marketing on June 07, 2020


As we are all trying to return to new normal life, the issue of the pandemic is at the front of everyone’s mind. Our health & hygiene is so paramount right now.

On average a mobile contains 25 thousand germs per square inch. A common 7inch device will contain around 175 thousand germs.

Did you know?
We touch out mobile phones on average 2 thousand times per day.

The possibility of spreading germs and viruses’ hand to hand via your phone is very high. Is UVC the answer to kills these bugs instantly?


We are on this!
Our Uunique team has developed a perfect solution to Sterilization your device at the touch of the button!

The Z1 Ultraviolet Multifunctional Portable Sterilizer takes just 5mins to blast the germs from your phone. It can be also charged via USB and so much more.




It's super powerful providing the highest sterilization rate of up to 99.99%. Disinfect while you have a cup of coffee.

Pop-in one device & charge another device via the USB output.
Lightweight and portable you can certainly travel with it anywhere.


What items can it disinfect?
Designed to effectively kill surface bacteria, it can disinfect your smartphone, jewelry, watches, AirPods, protective face masks, delicate clothes, and so much more, as long as it fits in the device.

How fast does it disinfect?
5 minutes, and it does it so with integrated broadcast technology. After you pop your object into the box, it will speak to you.

Can it disinfect disposal protection masks?
Yes, the sterilizer will not damage the delicate structure of the mask, it will in fact retain its effectiveness and prolonged its life & usage.

How does the language broadcast work?
A voice announcement will indicate the sterilization process from beginning to end. This is great if you are busy multi-tasking; it will conveniently announce the steps to keep your posted until the process is complete.

Cool Aromatherapy function
Yes, it does this, too. Just use a few drops of essential or antibacterial oil to add a pleasant fragrance to the sterilization.

How to charge it?
To power, this device, just plug it in via the external USB A port, so it can start working its UV magic. It can be charged via USB port on your computer, portable power bank, or USB charger.



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