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"PLASTIC RAIN" Is Now Pouring Down From the Sky

by UU Marketing on June 23, 2020

Make Every Day a No-Plastic Day 

Plastic has become the bane of our world. It has polluted soil, air, and water bodies, including oceans, and created massive landfills in cities and towns comprising solely of plastic. The situation has become so bad that researchers have found microplastics floating in the sea breeze and evening raining down on mountains and national parks.

The Plastic Rain

In a recent study, researchers found that in America West, the untouched areas of national parks have not only the presence of microplastics in the air but also approximately 1,000 tons of microplastics fall in these areas in the form of plastic rain.

Bryce Canyon, Joshua Tree National Park, and the Grand Canyon are few of the areas where the untouched lands have microplastics in the air. Researchers state that about one-fourth of the microplastics enter the national parks from the cities in the vicinity of the parks while the remaining waft through the air from faraway places.

During the study, researchers collected air and rainwater samples for nearly 14 months in the American West. They found that 98% of the samples had the presence of microplastics, which are under 5mm in length.

Microplastics are minuscule pieces of larger plastic that are present in landfills and garbage dumps. When pieces break from the larger ones, they end up in the atmosphere, water bodies, and soil. The plastic fragments in the atmosphere are responsible for plastic rain, which has become a reality in most parts of the world. Since plastic takes a long time to degrade, microplastics are here to stay and pollute the environment and adversely affect plants and animals.

The Way Forward

June 5 has been declared as the World Environment Day. The UN via its environment program is trying to dissuade people from using single-use plastic bottles while A Plastic Planet has called for people to give up plastic for one single day. Many other organizations too are creating awareness to help people reduce plastic usage or completely do away with it.

While the World Environment Day is just one day where campaigns are run to create awareness among people, you can transform every day into a plastic-free day. It is not just up to environmental groups and organizations to reduce the usage of plastic; you too can do your bit and ensure the planet’s creatures and plants can live without choking on plastic and you create a cleaner world for future generations.

Uunique Nutrisiti offers you an opportunity to transform the planet by embracing eco products and minimizing or completely doing away with plastic. You can shift to the 100% bio-range and bio-printed eco-leather by Uunique Nutrisiti. The brand also offers a military-grade eco-guard for Apple iPhone SE / 8 / 7 / 7 and iPhone 11 devices. This guard can protect your devices from a six-foot fall and is the first-of-its

When you buy products from Uunique Nutrisiti, you can rest assured that the brand goes a step forward and ensures that products come in plastic-free recycled paper packaging. Furthermore, each time you buy something, the brand donates 1% of the purchase price to eco-charities so that they can save the planet and preserve it not just for humans but also for animals, marine life, avian life, and plants.

So, are you ready to do your bit to make every day a plastic-free day?



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