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The Ultimate Guide To Protecting Your Phone From Damage

by UU Marketing on March 19, 2021

There is nothing more exciting than getting a brand-new phone, and nothing more devastating than breaking it. We’ve all been there, which is possibly why ‘how to protect my phone from damage’ is one of the top phone-related search terms on Google! With this in mind, here are some top tips to protect your phone from damage. Start as you mean to go on by implementing these safety-savvy tactics from the moment your device comes out of the box.

Get a screen protector

Your phone’s screen is by far its most vulnerable point. Impact and contact with other objects can easily lead to scratches, cracks, or if the universe is really against you, a completely shattered display. If you want to protect your smartphone from damage, investing in a good quality tempered glass screen protector should be your first port of call. Don’t put it off, your phone will be utterly useless without a functioning screen.

Choose your phone case wisely

Choosing a protective case is up there with the most obvious tips to protect a phone from damage. When shopping for smartphone cases, keep in mind that they are not all made equal. Try to resist the temptation to pick something based purely on aesthetics, as the chances are it will do very little to protect your phone. At the top end of the market, there are some practically bomb-proof cases, but even a standard flip case will keep your screen in one piece in most cases (unless you are planning on throwing it from a moving vehicle, or out of a second-floor window).

Keep it in a dedicated pocket

Try to avoid just tossing your phone into a handbag or stuffing it in a pocket alongside other objects. A mobile phone left to rattle around in a bag could end up with damaged internal components, so it is best to keep it in a snug, dedicated side-pocket. You should also be wary of putting other objects - like keys or pens - in the same pocket, as these may damage the surface of the phone.

Keep your eye on it

When considering how to protect a phone from damage, most people do not consider the time they spend away from the phone. Every moment your phone is left on a side in the kitchen or on the floor next to the sofa is a moment you are inviting damage. This is especially true if there are young children or animals around. Make sure you know where your phone is at all times.

Avoid moisture

Anyone who has ever dropped their phone in the bath or down the toilet will tell you that a water damaged phone can be a death sentence. Protect your phone by pledging to keep it out of the bathroom, away from the kitchen sink, and firmly in your pocket while near any other bodies of water. You may also wish to invest in a waterproof case.

Avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures

Extremely hot or cold temperatures can irreparably damage your phone’s internal components and reduce battery life. Be mindful not to leave your phone near radiators, cookers or open fires. As far as cold is concerned, keep in mind that even something as innocent as leaving your phone in the garage on a winter’s day could ultimately impair its function.

Keep it charged

Do not buy into the myth that you should only charge your phone once the battery has run down completely. Modern mobile phone batteries are actually designed to thrive with regular, short charges. Allowing the charge to deplete altogether can slow down internal processes, shorten battery life and leave you needing to replace the handset far sooner than would otherwise be necessary.

Finally, expect the unexpected

Follow our tips to protect your phone from damage and your device should enjoy a long and happy life. However, you can never defend against all eventualities. This is the reason - no matter how careful you plan to be - that you also need mobile phone insurance. It is better to have it and not need it, than vice versa.

Author bio:

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