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by UU Marketing on March 11, 2020

Uunique Nutrisiti has partnered with Eco-Train Inc. on a case recovery program in Canada to help reduce plastic waste within the mobile accessory sector. The recovery program has started in Canada, rolling-out across 250 participating retail stores. The program encourages customers to recycle their old phone cases during their new purchase. The expansion plan for 2020, is to be available in more than 2.5k doors across Canada. 



Eco-train is primed and set-up to promote the circular economy.  Their expertise defines the cycle of “where waste goes at the end of its life. Materials that can’t be recycled for a new life are put into a “Waste to Energy Program” thereby extracting as much value from the materials as possible while eliminating plastic waste and pollution.

Eco-train works with brands, distributors and retailers collaboratively to eliminate plastic waste generated by the wireless industry in Canada, all compostable/biodegradable, recyclable and mixed plastic cases regardless of brand (with the exception of battery cases and those made of metal) are accepted into the case recovery program.

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The Nutrisiti series is made with customised blends of 100% biodegradable and compostable polymers and plant elements, the base materials are certified by various accredited bodies and meets the European standard EN 13432 and its equivalent North American Standard ASTM D6400 of Industrial composting.


Nuturisti is our eco-friendly series, once returned to the Earth will slowly decompose in home backyard composting or in a fast-industrial composting facility. Eco-train provide a hassle-free way to dispose of our Eco-Friendly Nutrisiti series correctly after use, The perfect solution for the planet!


The range also includes the “World’s First” Eco-Friendly Genuine Leather case range, made with an exclusive metal & chrome free formula. Completely 100% biodegradable/compostable and accredited by leading Spanish laboratories.

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Look out for the eye-catching recycling boxes will be placed instore alongside the range collection. Uunique is the leading band partaking in the program.


This problem cannot go away alone, we expect to make sure together we raise awareness and make a change!


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