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Why Save Water?

by UU Marketing on January 15, 2020

There are scientific reports that the global temperature will still rise by 2°C this year. This means longer dry spells in summer and warmer, wetter’ winters. Plant growing seasons will lengthen and we will face more extreme weather events such as droughts and storms.

By using water more wisely in our homes, gardens and workplaces, we can ease the pressure on our wetlands and rivers in these times of stress.

Saving water will ensure more stable, resilient habitats for the birds and other wildlife which depend on our water environment for their survival.

There are many ways to save water!

We can collect rainwater for and use this for watering the garden, cleaning external or even flushing the loo. Take showers instead of baths can dramatically reduce domestic water usage.

Look at our own shopping habits and consider the food in your shopping basket. Produce such as potatoes, tomatoes and oranges which need a lot of water to grow. Some food production in arid countries relies on unsustainable sources of water, which in turn shrink’s wetlands and the wildlife which depends on them.

By doing a little research everyone can help reduce the water stress overseas by buying water-hungry produce from countries with plentiful water supplies.

Saving the earth’s water reserve is our priority, our exclusive 100% Biodegradable -Compostable Nuturisti - Eco-Leather series uses gallons less water during the tanning process, compared to conventional tanning methods. We also don’t use any harmful metal’s or chromes, which are used in most leather manufacture contributes to water pollution.


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