Eco Friendly iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Green
Eco Friendly iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Green
Eco Friendly iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Green
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Eco Friendly iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Green


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Unique design and superior quality: This soft to touch Eco friendly iPhone 13 Pro Max case is part of our compostable/biodegradable, and sustainable phone case range. The colors are inspired by Mother Nature to celebrate the beauty of our planet.

Offers full protection to the phone: This protective phone case with raised screen rim edge, Drop proof feature, provides ultimate protection from drops and scratches without adding extra bulk to your device.

Qi Wireless Charge Compatible: This compostable/biodegradable phone case for iPhone 13 Pro Max is also wireless charging compatible. There is no need to remove the case from your iPhone 13 Pro Max , you can simply charge your iPhone, making it the perfect charging friendly case.

Zero Waste - Biodegradable Packaging: Our shipping solution is and entirely recyclable. Helps save the planet. Uunique Nutrisiti is supplied in eco-friendly packing pouch solution, which is compostable / biodegradable.

• Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max / iPhone 12 Pro Max 
Compostable / Biodegradable Phone Case
• Sustainable, & Zero Waste
• Shock Proof - Drop Protection
• With Screen Edge protection
• Slim 1 Piece Design
• Qi Wireless Charge Compatible & Works with MagSafe

Product Disclaimer: Product color and appearance may slightly vary because of the product being made from the natural substances.