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Based on our knowledge and expertise of the market, we started this journey of designing our Eco-friendly cases. Inspired by Mother Nature, our Nutrisiti compostable / biodegradable cases are convenient, protective and are crafted to fit your device perfectly with a wonderful, smooth yet textured appearance and are available in a wide spectrum of colours & Prints. This conventional plastic-free alternative is our first step towards a more sustainable future within our industry.


The Uunique Nutrisiti series is made from customised blends of Compostable/biodegradable Polymers & Plant elements. The planet saving, alternative, to general environmentally harmful plastic phone cases. Make the move to this amazing plastic free, protective solution. This totally compostable design will degrade slowly in your home backyard composting or in a fast industrial composting facility. The wide spectrum of colours available, are inspired by the beauty of mother natures’ planet.

Plastic Free - Biodegradable Packaging: Our shipping solution is plastic free and entirely recyclable. Helps save the planet. Uunique Nutrisiti is supplied in eco-friendly packing pouch solution, which is completely biodegradable. Our sustainable uncoated packaging is printed with soy-ink, and uses natural glue ingredients.

Your contribution will make a difference to someone’s life, as a contribution and support to global eco-charities. We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone.