About Us

Uunique London started its journey in 2009, after noticing a gap in the market for pure fashion inspired cases. Taking creative inspiration from the city of London, one of the world’s top fashion capitals, the brand style and detailing capture catwalk trends, combined with classic heritage.
Our ambition is to pave the future for mobile accessories. Leaders in creating quality, fashion forward sustainable phone accessories protecting our planet.

Our History
Over the last 10 years, we have become one of the leading, fashion & tech accessory brands. With a fashion forward design aesthetic, we have brought experimental textures and prints to the forefront, along with the experience of 30 years in premium Leather manufacturing.
We established developments such as:
Ultra-Shine | Water Droplet effect | Animal Skin Inspired Hair-On texture | Animal Textured Classic & Embossed Premium Leather | Metallic | Genuine Swarovski | Surface Inlays |Triple Gel injection | Vegetable Tanned - Chrome free Leather and many more…
Development & Innovation
At the very core of our design direction, was innovation. We wanted to ensure our products were not only beautifully designed, but also practical and functional.
As smartphones evolved and became more prevalent in everyday life, we continue to develop ingenious, integrated, usable features.
The key is being different, inventive and offering uncompromising durable premium quality.Our development team brought forward innovations such as:
Integrated view Stands | Cable management | 6ft Military Drop Protection | Detachability | Two-piece Design | One-piece design | Screen Edge protection | Magnetic closure | Device Power-down function | Integrated Card & ID Storage | NEW sustainable accessory product development.
We are consistently pioneering and developing “exclusive patents.” Our momentum to innovate, follow trends, research what the market needs providing us with the foundation to produce the best in class accessories. Our journey continues…...

Our Eco Journey Begins: 
As a responsible company the current urgency of climate change has inspired us to go further with our expertise, to make the journey into eco-friendly accessories. 
Our mission is to reverse the cycle of pollution and help save the planet, by creating sustainable device accessories. We have started the process by removing harmful materials and processes from our manufacturing.
The Nutrisiti 100% biodegradable & compostable smart phone case range is our evolutionary step forward. We have been the first in our industry to revolutionize fashion to become “ECO.” We the only brand using 100% biodegradable eco-friendly premium leather for cases and functional folios.  All our trendy printed fashion cases feature natural bio-inks.
This collection is completely plastic-free, natural and made from plants and plant elements. Pure and protective, with designs available in a wide spectrum of colours and fashion prints. The Uunique Nutrisiti leather series, features the ground-breaking world’s first 100% biodegradable leather.
Using our exclusive natural tanning formula, we have produced a stunning array of executive eco-leather cases & folios.
  • Sourced from Spanish Interfino sheep
  • Finished in Italy and
  • Certified 100% biodegradable by the industry’s leading Spanish testing laboratory 
100% Biodegradable Packaging: 
We have made the bold step forward to totally redesigned our packaging.
We are now:
    • Zero-waste
    • Plastic-free
    • Using soy inks
    • 100% biodegradable
    • Making efforts towards a more sustainable future for our planet.