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eco friendly phone cases+compostable phone cases+ biodegradable phone cases

Based on our knowledge and expertise of the market, we started our journey to design Eco-friendly cases. Inspired by Mother Nature, our Nutrisiti 100% biodegradable I compostable series was born. Naturally protective and crafted to fit your device perfectly.

Uunique Nutrisiti Cases are made with customised blends of 100% Biodegradable and Compostable Polymers and Plant elements, our base materials used are certified by various accredited bodies and meets the European standard EN 13432 and its equivalent North American Standard ASTM D6400 of Industrial composting.


With our 30 years’ experience and knowledge of Leather, in 2016 we first launched chrome Free Leather and with our constant research in 2018 our Spanish technician team achieved an Exclusive Metal & Chrome Free formula which now makes our Eco-Friendly Genuine Leather completely biodegradable/ compostable and is accredited by leading Spanish laboratories. 

Our shipping solution is also plastic free and entirely recyclable. Uunique Nutrisiti cases are supplied in eco-friendly packing & web pouch solutions, which are completely biodegradable. Our sustainable uncoated packaging is printed with soy-ink and uses natural glue ingredients.

Uunique has committed 1% of sales to leading eco-charities and global disaster charities working for the betterment of our environment & oceans. Your purchase will contribute to the cause. By owning any Uunique product, you automatically become a part of the #ECO-SQUAD!”