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by UU Marketing on February 04, 2020

Luckily for the environment, more and more people are working hard to go green. Many workplaces large and small are joining the fight to make the environment better.

All is needed is a few changes to make a big difference, we have some simple ideas that can be to ensure we are all doing our part.


  • Go paperless. Minimize printing on paper especially for inter-office communications.
      • Surround your workspace with real green plants, you can put a small desk plant on each desk or have really big office plants at different locations. These plants her to recycle the air.


        • Another great way to have a eco-friendlier office is to have recycle bins around your office to encourage people to recycle. You can include old electronics and batteries.

        • Turn off – lights in the daytime, to become a much eco-friendlier space by using as much natural light as much as possible. Ensure off in rooms when they’re not in use.

            • Use eco-friendly washroom and cleaning products, avoid chemical heavy & non-biodegradable packaged products.
            • Establish a green team for your workplace. You can encourage all employees to have the opportunity to contribute implementation of green initiatives at work and at home.
            • Save paper, switch to recycled paper and set printers to print on both sides of paper if you need to print drafts.

            • Seems simple to power down or turn off devices such as computers at night, printers etc commonly draw power which is completely wastful when not in use.


              Another perfect green tip, change all work mobile phone case covers to 100% Biodreadadable – Compostable Nutrisiti Range.  

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