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Striking Phone Covers for the Brand New Samsung Galaxy S20 Range of Smartphones

by UU Marketing on February 11, 2020

The New Year has certainly started on a hopeful and exciting note especially for Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone enthusiasts. With the launch of three new smartphones that are soon approaching, the manufacturers have pulled out all the stops to make sure these devices offer you a seamless experience. However, you also need to make sure that you safeguard it from any slips or drops that can occur from out of the blue.

Don’t worry, here are some of the most spellbinding and sleek phone covers that you can take your pick from.

Sophisticated, One-Colour Eco Back Shell covers

You can pick from a wide range of Samsung S20 S20 + & S20 Ultra

Colors such as:

  • Coral Lychee
  • White Vanilla
  • Black Olive
  • Blue Berry
  • Green Cucumber

    You can know you are doing your 1% bit for the planet as well. These phone covers are 100% biodegradable - compostable owing to the fact that they are made with plant based elements. That doesn’t mean it does not offer sturdy protection. In fact, its impact drop protection safeguards the phone from external damage and helps to absorb shocks intelligently. It is also Qi wireless charge compatible.  


    Lively Eco-printed Back Shell Covers

    If you are all for playing your part for the environment but are searching for a little extra flair and extravagance, there are eco-printed back shell covers that fall in line with your wants perfectly. You can pick from eco-friendly prints such as:

    They all are 100% biodegradable- Compostable offering impact drop protection and Qi Wireless charge compatibity.


    Chic Looking Liquid Silicone cases

    For additional screen protection and a better waterproof experience, you can pick from liquid silicone cases that are made from premium-quality material. You can go in for the best one from a selection of:

    • Light Plue
    • Pink
    • Black
    • Lavender
    They all are a one-piece design and possess a smooth touch surface, are shockproof, offer wireless charging and come with a soft microfiber lining.


    Well Secured Eco- Leather 2in1 Folio & Backshell Cover

    If you are looking for added protection for your screen as well as the back of your new Samsung Galaxy S20 S20 + & S20 Ultra smartphone, you can consider going in for these 100% biodegradable case designs that are available in:


    • Black
    • Black/Red


    They offer impeccable impact drop protection, are made from biodegradable – compostable eco-leather and are Qi wireless charge compatible.

    Stylish Eco Leather Back Shell Cover

    This eco-leather back shell cover is available in just one color that is:

    •  Olive Black

     The new wrap around Samsung Galaxy S20 designs, seemless edge finish is not only pratical but is premium luxury. You can be sure it saves your phone from drops owing to its impact drop feature, offers Qi wireless charging and does its part in not wrecking the planet.


    Be sure to get your hands on these phone covers so you can protect your style and be fashionable and classic while doing it.


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