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by UU Marketing on November 22, 2019

It’s not easy to ignore the huge issue of single use plastic, it is still being manufactured every day and it is still ending up in our oceans and landfill. As a brand, it was important for us to make a significant move to change, taking a stand to stop the contributing to this global problem

Considering this impact plastic has on the environment, we looked at ways to remove all the plastics from our NEW packaging, for the launch of our 100% Biodegradable eco Nutrisiti range.

The base and tray construction of the packaging is made from completely 100% biodegradable, unbleached, recycled paper & board. This is an amazing achievement and ticks the eco-friendly & sustainability box.  To ensure the product stayed pristine, we created a box with an open view access flap. This means our products are not exposed to dirt, dust or damage during transit or on the retail floor.

Each design in the range features individual artwork and photography representing the case inside. To ensure we provide the best quality and accurately reflect the product inside, we developed a fully natural, vivid soy ink print. This kept within our eco-credentials, allowing the natural nature of the paper and board to blend beautifully with the natural ink print.

Inside we added information cards about the nature of the product, our eco-movement, our charity and further information about other products in the series.

Something which was very important for us to achieve was maintaining touch and feel access, along with assured retail security of the product. The aim was to replace our usual nylon cord & plastic tab with a natural solution. Accessibility is a big consideration for a retailer and must for a demanding time-poor consumer.

Our packaging team developed a cool solution to address both. Using a fully natural jute cord the case is now attached securely to the box. Customers can access and interact with the product, without destroying or damaging its saleability. The retailer has piece of mind the product are secure on the shop-floor.

The final flourish was to add a show-stopping element. We posed the question, how can we make our product stand-out? The design team came up with an igneous way to create the wow-factor by adding a large, wonderfully twisted jute cord to the pack. This replaced the usual plastic euro-hook, taking the packaging to another level. This outstanding element is reminiscent the past centuries when natural ropes and unbleached brown paper was used to pack and protect everyday goods. This unsubtle design elements punctuates our eco-friendly design aesthetic to the max.

Our aim was to turn the corner, make a commitment the cause and provide the best in class packaging for the eco-conscious consumer. Did we achieve this? Have your say……?


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