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Will the Tesla Cybertruck Become An Eco-Icon?

by UU Marketing on November 25, 2019

Is this vehicle the most ground breaking eco-friendly development to date? Sounds of wonder and disbelief, combined with a sprinkling of laughter and Jaws hitting the floor. This was the moment when Elon Musk unveiled his latest 100% electric vehicle, the Tesla Cybertruck. The was no long-drawn out 20-minute monologue, the excitement started abruptly straight after a short laser light show.


A large 3D projected hologram Cyber Girl was beamed in to introduce Elon onstage. Elon pretty much sundered on and proceeded to have a quite natural unconventional conversation with his eager audience. He then went into relaxed speech about American truck history and design, focusing on the need to change to sustainable energy. After this he went straight to the point and unveiled the vehicle. 

Its design aesthetic & appearance has split the global audience straight down the middle. The reaction from the crowd gathered in California at the unveiling seemed to be a resounding 50% for and 50% against “You either love it or you hate it!”. 

Putting aside the window smashing incident, which hasn’t affected the worlds interest, the pre-orders have reached 200, 000 and counting. Customer are joining the two-year waiting list on droves.  Could this “kick starter” strategy be the most ingenious way to make a change, enter and disrupt one of the most mature and brand loyal markets in the world. Are Ford & Doge scared of this revolution?

Some might say, Elon is not hankering after the traditional truck owner of America, he is pioneering reaching forward and aiming toward Gen Z & the future Gen X consumers. Rest assured he is thinking so far ahead of the competition forcing the industry to take notice.

The Cybertruck is expected to begin production in about two years. Tesla says it will start at $39,900 for a model with 250 miles of range. A high-end model with 500 miles of range, three motors, and a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds will cost $69,900. Amazing!

Fully Electric with Solar Panel options, with 200,000 orders so far and counting, the future looks bright for this brutal looking vehicle. Have your say! What is your opinion, of this new sustainable electric phenomenon?








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